How To Pack the Perfect Suitcase For Your Trip


How to pack the perfect suitcase for your trip.

Have an upcoming holiday? Dreading packing? We’ve got you. Our favourite tips and tricks for packing the perfect suitcase no matter where you are headed. 

01. The '3 words' concept

Think about the location you are going to and the mood you want to feel when you are there. Choose your 3 words that correlate to this holiday – i.e. if I am going for a weekend to the countryside – I want to feel; cozy, relaxed, effortless. If I am going for a summer holiday full of beaches, bars and partying – I want to feel fun, flirty, adventurous!

02. Create a moodboard

Create a moodboard with looks you like that reference your 3 words, and that want to re-create. 

It can look however you want it to look – whatever aligns with your natural aesthetic, go with the flow! 

It can be a combination of lifestyle imagery that evoke more of a mood – like the image to your left, or you can go with something more like our hero image of Co-founder Madeleine’s moodboard she created for her Europe trip in 2022- a more literal approach with inspirational outfit ideas! 

Find these images through:

– Influencers you follow and relate to

– Pinterest/instagram/magazines 

– Past outfits you’ve worn and fit to your 3 words

03. Look into what you've got

Once you have your moodboard you will have a much clearer idea of what you want your outfits to look like.

Look through your current wardrobe and pick out any pieces that you can re-create these looks from, you will be surprised on the amount of key pieces you will already own!  

04. Shop responsibly for missing pieces

Any overarching gaps you have for this trip, shop for these pieces only if they are necessary. 

If you are having trouble and need some assistance, that’s where we come in! Complete our style profile and check out with the ‘wardrobe update edit’- we can create a custom Holiday wardrobe just for you!

05. Sorting the pieces

Pick out your wardrobe pieces that work with your moodboard and any key new purchases, and start placing them into their categories. Ie; dresses, tops, pants etc.

06. Get digital

HOT TIP: Take photos of your full outfits as either flat-lays or a mirror selfie, so you have references to look back on when you are on holiday. This saves you SO much time, saving you from pulling out all of your pieces out at every destination. 

07. Invest in key storage equipment

Packing Cubes: The ultimate storage technique! We live by these packing cubes- they sort out your items so well, making it super easy to organise and find your items at each destination. 

Cosmetics Bag: A bag that has pockets and homes for all of our products are a must!

Carry on Bag
The same goes with the pockets- always essential to be able to swiftly grab your passport or documents with ease

Wheelie Bag: In particular a 4-wheel bag. Just a non-negotiable when travelling for us. Unless you are headed to some cobblestone streets! 

07. Carry on essentials

Make sure you have the perfect carry-on bag with all of your essentials in the unlucky event of a missing bag situation! 

Our list of carry-on essentials are;

1. A spare outfit – think a linen set if you are headed somewhere warm, to take you from day to night. It can be folded up and kept compact. It’s also soft enough to double as a pillow!
2. Spare underwear (or a bikini!)
3. A great face moisturiser
4. Lip Balm
5. A silk eye mask
6. Toothbrush, toothpaste
7. A comb
8. The right tech – phone charger, Kindle, Airpods
9. Your emotional support water bottle!