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The ultimate guide on how to organise your wardrobe


1. Get the diary out.

This is no easy feat – set a whole day or even a weekend aside to make time for your new wardrobe. Make things interesting and invite the girls around for a wardrobe cleanse night where you sip wine and make it fun!

2. Create a moodboard

This is for your dream/ ideal style you want to portray. Look through pinterest, magazines, influencers you follow/ look up to that have a style aesthetic that appeals to you. This will help you gain clarity and inspiration. Focus on things you do and don’t like about your style and elements you’d like to retain or change. Having clarity before embarking upon a cleanse is key.

4. Empty your wardrobe

Remove everything from your wardrobe, giving you plenty of bare space. Keep the sturdy bags handy and start setting aside any unwanted items.

5. Sort and declutter your items

Do you really need it? Be brutal. Anything you no longer wear goes on the “no” pile.


The best way to start decluttering your clothes is to take it all out; and start to organise the items into piles that make sense: i.e. shoes, outerwear, evening wear, and more. Figure out what you have and how many you have. Now, make some decisions. If you have 18 pairs of jeans and only wear 2 of them, start culling! Sort again into piles: “yes” , “no” or “not sure.”

Many of us fear decluttering because we love to hold onto things we “may need one day” or “used to fit” or “may be in style again one day”.

The questions you need to ask yourself when you are “not sure” are; do you love it? Do you wear it? Does it work with the moodboard you have created of your dream style?

If the answer is “yes” to all three- perfect, keep it!


If not- this is when the girls come in. Get real ‘Sex and the City’ and make some signs for them to hold up- get the drinks out and enjoy yourselves! Perhaps you are all doing a wardrobe cleanse together and you can all bring your “not sure” piles over- you may even find hidden gems in each others “not sures”!

6. Address the 'no' pile correctly.

Whether it’s giving your items to local charity store, a friend or relative, or an organisation like Dress for Success – which provides women with quality workwear, skills and employment confidence – donating is a fulfilling prospect. Or, of course, there’s resale: a smart way to make the most of your pre-loved pieces (never regard them as “unwanted”). Sites like Depop, Iconics: Airrobe, Vestiaire Collective provide all the tools you need to shift your goods for cash – they’re also wonderfully user-friendly. Rental, too, is an option. The Volte is a super easy rental platform you can upload your own pieces onto for others to rent.