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Style Guide: 'Hourglass Body Shape': What To Wear

YSE Style Team
Women who have hourglass body shapes have shoulders and hips that are relatively the same width with a defined waist. Does this sound like you? Great! We’re excited to help you emphasise what mumma gave you!

With this being one of the most desirable silhouettes, almost anything fitted around the waist looks great because it will accentuate your very feminine figure.

Now for the most important part, what to wear for an hourglass body shape and to be specific here is a baseline to create some balance.
Show off your hourglass waistline with high-waisted jeans or flared pants. They balance your hips and define your waist for a flattering fit. For something extra special, add a belted pant this will draw more attention to the waist!
To complete your look add a statement earring to show off your neckline and pair with a pointy pump or nude shoe this will lengthen the legs!
Quick one from us: please understand there are many different descriptions given to body shapes in an attempt to simplify the definition, we understand we’re all unique these however are the YSE tips and tricks.

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