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Style Guide: 'Pear Body Shape': What To Wear

YSE Style Team
Do you have a defined waist that is narrow compared to your hips? Are your hips and thighs wider than your shoulders and bust? If so, this will make the body appear like a Pear Shape.

Great! Now that we've narrowed that down, pear shapes have the fabulous advantage of looking great in any pair of jeans and making those cute tops even cuter thanks to your narrower shoulders.

Now for the most important part, what to wear for a pear body shape! Here we share some foundational principles a baseline to create some balance and harmony.
When it comes to having fun this is where you steal the show! Adding any bold colours and patterns here will draw more attention to your top half, cowl necks and bell-sleeves will create balance, more fitted and structured tops give you definition while showing of your defined waist.
A-line styles look fantastic on you, which goes for skirts too. Dresses that are wider at the bottom will create balance to your hips. Dramatic sleeves and belted styles will play up your slender upper body, better-yet try an off-the-shoulder number to draw more attention - who doesn't love a bare shoulder?
Seeing as you're having so much fun up TOP your best bet is to opt for darker and more subtle colours when selecting jeans, trousers and even skirts. Bootcut, flares, flat-front and high waisted styles are your got-to.. just to name a few
To complete your look DON'T FORGET to accessorise, wearing a belt at the waist with dresses or high rise jeans to accentuate your waist. Pointy-toe shoes will lengthen your legs, and last but not least finish with a statement necklace and drop earrings there made for you!

Quick one from us: please understand there are many different descriptions given to body shapes in an attempt to simplify the definition, we understand we’re all unique these however are the YSE tips and tricks.

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